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Renewal Service - Contractual, Renewal & Payment conditions


The monthly subscription fee for using the site has been costed on the understanding that the contractual period runs for a minimum of twelve months. On completion of this period, the subscription will continue on a rolling monthly basis. 

It is incumbent on the subscriber to give MVB Marketing Ltd, 30 days notice of their wish to cancel a subscription; this can be done by emailing quoting your registered name, email address, username & password.

If a subscriber chooses to upgrade/amend their subscribed 'package' it is on the clear understanding that all and any upgraded/amended subscriptions will run for a further minimum period of twelve months, and then will continue on a rolling monthly basis until such time as 30 days notice of cancellation has been notified (as above).

Your subscription fee (plus any applicable taxes) will be collected using the MVB Marketing Ltd Automatic Renewal Service, allowing you to conveniently maintain your product subscription.  Your rolling monthly subscription fee (plus any applicable taxes) will be charged at the same monthly rate as your 'current' 12 monthly membership to your credit or debit card, without any additional action by you, until such time that you notify MVB Marketing Ltd of your wish to cancel your subscription.

If, during your contractual period, the subscription fee is not collectable (ie. you cancel your Credit/Debit Card payment in contravention of your contractual agreement with MVB Marketing Ltd) then your account will be immediately suspended.  You will then have a 'grace' period of 10 days within which to contact  and  to reinstate payment procedures - this ensures that, where a genuine banking/clerical error has occurred, you will not incur any penalty charges nor lose all rights to product usage.  Should you intentionally withhold your contractual payment, we will invoice you for the remaining 'contractual period' outstanding of your 'current' subscription, ie. should a DD be cancelled after only the first of twelve, monthly, payments has been collected then you will be invoiced in one lump sum for the outstanding 11 months of your contractual period.  Should you cancel during a rolling monthly contractual period, you will be invoiced for 1 months' subscription fee.  If payment of such invoice is not received within 28 days of the invoice date we will immediately, and without further notice, commence County Court proceedings to recover the 'contracted fees' due to us, plus any costs incurred in instigating any such proceedings.